Stories are how we step away from our frantic lives and rediscover our connection to humanity.  With every project there must be an underlying essence that gives the film a backbone for us to build upon. 

Kettlety is my name but the company is built on the collection of craftsmen and women that I could not achieve  our clients vision without. freelance producers, copy-writers, art directors, cinematographers, local sound mixers in beloit kansas all the way to production companies in zhongshan, china.  Any project, any budget, any size, anywhere, we won’t just find a way to do it, we’ll find a way to heighten it beyond expectations. from the basic to the complex, we can provide elements or complete turnkey projects.  

No matter what story you need to tell, we want to help you tell it.

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I began my career as an assistant to a commercial and film director in Los Angeles. Being able to work closely with major brands, top ad agencies and film producers gave me an invaluable education in filmmaking. I started doing behind the scenes on commercials which lead me to work  mainly with non-actors. I realized how important it was to find or create an environment that makes the subject comfortable so they could forget about the camera and have a conversation. In the narrative format, I transferred those abilities to casting and cultivate performances from actors to give the work a sense of realness and believability.

Working with a vast array of clients such as; Wendys, Gillette/P&G, Bank of America, Toyota & Shell I pride myself in the relationships made through the creative and collaborative process.


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